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Established: 1842
Located: Sarnico, Italy
Construction: Fiberglass
Category: Luxury Yachts, Motoryachts
Worth Noting: The Last Aquarmara Special marked the end of Riva’s wooden runabout production in 1996.
Pietro Riva founded Riva Yachts in 1842 following a devastating storm in Sarnico, Italy that destroyed the boats of local fishermen. Riva’s legend began when Pietro began repairing the damaged boats. Pietro’s son, Ernesto Riva, succeeded his father and introduced internal combustion engines on Riva boats.
Throughout the 1920’s and 1930’s, Riva’s production shifted from transportation to power boating. Its racing yachts set national and international records.
During the 1950’s, Carlo Riva led the family company with a line of wooden yachts. Riva Yachts became the object of desire among elite boaters. In 1956, Riva began working with designer and architect, Giorgio Barilani, which led to the creation of Aquarama, Riva’s legendary symbol of excellence.
Riva’s luxury fiberglass yachts represent craftsmanship, unmatchable quality, and innovation. In 2000, the Ferretti Group took over the Riva Boatyard with the goal to relaunch the brand by focusing on quality, design, and uniqueness.
Dean Anthony specializes in helping clients buy and sell new and used Riva yachts.
Riva boasts a highly diversified range in terms of both sizes and models: always appreciated by very demanding Italian and foreign customers looking for exclusivity, performance, safety and status, the brand manufactures open, coupé, and flybridge fiberglass vessels measuring between approximately 8 and 50 meters in length. All models share several unmistakable details, the result of Riva’s century-old experience and long-standing tradition, such as fine woods, from mahogany to streaked wood, and a careful selection of color shades and grain. Even the cutting techniques and the timber’s perfect seasoning bear witness to the brand’s unmatched historical heritage in this sector. The painting of wooden parts has not changed over time either: twenty-four layers are applied onto the timber, following Carlo Riva’s “recipe”, to ensure perfect polishing and flawless resistance to water and saltiness; moreover, all screws are installed in the same direction, and their head is painted in the same color shade as the hull.
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