Riva 68 Ego Super

NEW 68 Riva 68 Ego Super

  • 68 ft. 4 in. - 20,82 m.
  • 67 ft. 5 in. - 20,55 m.
  • 17 ft. 11 in. - 5,45 m.
  • 92594 lbs. - 42,00 t.
  • 208 US gals. - 788 lt.
  • 39 knots
  • 35 knots
  • 265 n.m.
  • 2 * MTU 10V 2000 M 94 Power 1623 Mhp / 1193 kW at 2450 rpm
  • 56 ft. 9 in. - 17,31 m.
  • 0 ft. 9 in. - 0,24 m.
  • 79807 lbs. - 36,20 t.
  • 16
  • 12° Monohedron hull with spray rails
  • 15 ft. 3 in. - 4,64 m.

Style becomes emotion.

Presenting herself as the ultimate blend of design, comfort, performance and reliability, 68′ Ego Super is the luxurious evolution of the Riva world.

The pure lines which led 68′ Ego to win three of the most prestigious awards in the nautical world (European Powerboat of the Year, the Millennium Yacht Design Award and Croatian Powerboat of the Year) have not been altered in the Super version. However, new solutions have been chosen for the interior and exterior layouts, making the yacht even more comfortable. An accurate, in-depth study of every detail and solution has accompanied the harmony of shape and elegance of volume of 68′ Ego Super. The astonishing results are fully in keeping with the Riva tradition, elegant and innovative.

In the cockpit, the reclining sofa enables those aboard to be seated in two positions, facing either the stern or the salon, and the layout is considerably different to that of the previous model in this area. In the bow, in fact, a teak table and another large sofa can accommodate up to six people, creating an open-air salon. This new relaxation area can also be protected against the sun’s rays by means of an innovative, electric awning. The project for this awning was developed by Riva, in collaboration with one of its main suppliers, and produced exclusively for the shipyard. The attention paid to technology, a feature which has accompanied Riva yachts from the shipyard’s very origins, can also be found in the on-board systems. 68′ Ego Super is, in fact, equipped with the PLC technology-based Gi8, which is applied to the entire set of on-board systems, and controls, manages and monitors all the services. This system is particularly suitable for sporty models like 68′ Ego Super.

The interiors have been completely re-examined, according to owners’ experiences and requirements. The cabins on the lower deck have been enlarged and the deck flooring raised, guaranteeing higher ceilings for the rooms which ensures greater liveability. The primary new feature is that the main salon has been transferred to the upper deck.

Closure of the cockpit by means of a crystal door ensures total privacy for owners and their guests in the living area, where there is also office space. The large side windows and one sunroof that can be opened in the bow guarantee maximum natural lighting both in the upper and lower salons, also thanks to the large, rectangular glass set to the left hand side of the dashboard, directly above the steps.

The lower deck is accessed by means of a central ladder, leading to an open space area comprising a salon and the well-equipped galley. The large windows and light colours of the durmast and the ivory-coloured upholstery means the cabins are particularly well-lit. The lacquering, which takes up the Desert Sand colour of the deck, and the Dark Brown coloured leather inserts create a pleasant colour scheme which gives the environment movement and softness. The full beam master cabin is set astern, and the VIP cabin to bow. Both have en-suite bathrooms and were built following ergonomic studies to optimise the space available to the utmost. The twin-bedded guest cabin allows direct access to the day bathroom and is located in the middle of the yacht, starboard. Lastly, there is a totally independent crew cabin set astern, providing direct access from the cockpit, and equipped with a private bathroom.

The racy, harmonious profile of 68′ Ego Super brings together the features of the unmistakeable Riva style, its elegance, uniqueness, total absence of ostentation, eccentricity and show off design solutions.

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