Custom Line Navetta 37

NEW 122 Custom Line Navetta 37

  • 37,04 [m] - 121 ft 6 in
  • 36,89 [m] - 121 ft 0 in
  • 8 [m] - 26 ft 2 in
  • 2,27 [m] - 7 ft 5 in
  • 209.000 [kg] - 460,761 [lbs]
  • 31.000 [l] - 8,189 [US gal]
  • 4.000 [l] - 1,057 [US gal]
  • 5
  • 7
  • 4


Navetta 37 is one outstanding yacht, a flagship of the Custom Line semi-displacement fleet. A masterpiece of comfort and seaworthiness, a place to be spellbound by the endless allure of the sea.
Her timeless style and spirit of innovation speak volumes. Inside, Navetta 37 embodies Custom Line’s hallmark flair for design, spatial architecture, advanced technology and, especially, an impeccable attention to every detail.

Linear, powerful, one of a kind

Elegance is the essence of a wake on the waves: simple, unique, unrepeatable. Just like the design of a superyacht like Navetta 37.
Crisp lines, well-balanced volumes and harmonious forms exploit the sculptural feel of the materials to create an entirely new style. The lightness of form takes inspiration from the motion of the water, its gentleness, its power. The hull design exudes sheer strength. Especially at the front, which rises to the upper level of the superstructure to lend the bow a real sense of power and character, endowing the superyacht with an imposing presence on the water.


The sea is always at your command thanks to Navetta 37’s mastery of technology. All the on-board systems can be overseen from the central control room with integrated bridge, where five monitors are connected to all the devices in real time. And the poetry in motion of life on board becomes even more immersive and natural with the VOTIS infotainment system, which can be extended to provide home-automation functionality throughout the yacht. The owner and guests can control the system with their smartphones or tablets.


Navetta 37 is a masterpiece of technology, a unique creation that swells the heart with the joy of savouring every wave.

Silence is golden

The Navetta 37 offers a whole new standard in acoustic comfort. Besides the special elastic joint that absorbs vibrations from the drive shaft, the Ferretti Group engineers have devised some ingenious solutions to minimise noise impact through a mathematical analysis of each source of noise and its location.

The next level in stability

Technology and comfort go hand in hand at all times, even when mooring – the electro-hydraulic stabilising fins with under-way and zero-speed modes significantly reduce rolling. And peace of mind on board is synonymous with safety. For in addition to the underwater lights at the stern and side, extra illumination on the bulbous bow assures ever-safer cruising and manoeuvring at night.

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