Custom Line 120

NEW 120 Custom Line 120

  • 125'10"
  • 125'10"
  • 25'1"
  • 7'2"
  • 396,832 lbs
  • 4,306 gals
  • 793 gals
  • 5
  • 6
  • 4


Some people see a yacht. We see the start of a journey.
With the Custom Line 120′, every wave is a moment to savor; every wake carves an indelible memory in mind.

A unique creation, all yours to explore

Custom Line 120′ is the new masterpiece in our planning range. Architected by designer Francesco Paszkowski and Studio Zuccon International Project, her distinctive forms and spaces embody state-of-the-art contemporary living for a truly intense experience that brings life the wonders of the sea. Every detail tells a story that reflects the owner’s personality.


The wind inspires the design of the Custom Line 120′ bottom and the hull. Solid yet light, through extensive use of carbon, the hull is impeccably sleek. Its flowing, powerful profile delights the eye, as strong lines fly from bow to stern, and structural elements and glass alternate in a fluid interplay of colors and materials. Her dynamic verve echoes the poetry of the horizon; her vitality of line reaches its zenith in the punchy touches of the cockpit cover aileron and hardtop.


The vibrancy of the design finds its fullest flowering in the generous built-in glazing and the floor-to-sky windows on deck that tempt the gaze toward the tranquil majesty of the azure sea.
The light magnifies the spaces, adding to the sense of luxury and opening up sparkling views wherever you look. The side windows on the flybridge create a panoramic third deck, while the grand cockpit window’s two sections tilt open for an added dash of contemporary design flair.

Elegance is an art

Dreams take shape in a personalized space where every detail is an aesthetic statement of unfailing elegance and taste. Here, simplicity is the ultimate in sophistication.
In each of the 19 spaces laid out over 3 levels, the artisanal excellence is palpable; the attention to detail, sartorial. Like a perfectly fitting suit, the Custom Line 120′ interiors are the quintessential expression of your world.

Comfort and the cutting edge

On a Custom Line yacht, every moment is perfect for pampering. The advanced onboard technology makes for a consummate luxury experience. From a dip in the Jacuzzi to a browse on the 4G Wi-Fi internet, Custom Line 120′ becomes a unique space for savoring the sea from a truly exclusive perspective.

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