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Maiora yachts for sale

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Production Years
  • -
    LOA: 20,8
    Beam: 5.60m
    Draft: 1.60m
  • -
    LOA: 23.95m
    Beam: 5.80m
    Draft: 2.86m
  • -
    LOA: 23.97m
    Beam: 5.81m
    Draft: 1.70m
  • -
    LOA: 26.1m
    Draft: 2.80m
  • -
    LOA: 27.30m
    Beam: 6.10m
    Draft: 1.70m
  • -
    LOA: 29m
    Beam: 6.80m
    Draft: 1.50m
  • -
    LOA: 31.75m
    Beam: 6.85m
    Draft: 2.90m
  • -
    LOA: 35m
    Beam: 7.20m
    Draft: 3.38m
  • -
    LOA: 38.60m
    Beam: 7.50m
    Draft: 2.85m
  • -
    LOA: 39.65m
    Beam: 7.60m
    Draft: 2.85m
  • -
    LOA: 42.95m
    Beam: 8.80m
    Draft: 2.30m

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label History & Overview

Established: Early 70’s
The Maiora Brand hides one of the most important companies in the yachting world. Maiora came to life in the early 70s and was the pioneer of fiberglass boats manufacturing.

In 1985, after about a decade of collaboration, the brand was purchased by the FIPA shipyard and that important stage gave a strong impetus to achieving the quality and style level for which the Maiora vessels are known today throughout the world.
From the outset they wanted to give a personal style to each model. Their craftsmanship and the creation of customizable products made everything feasible.
The careful selection of high quality materials and exclusively handcrafted workmanship entrusted to the most skilled and qualified workers make each Maiora yacht a masterpiece of excellence, unique and special.
Dean Anthony specializes in helping clients buy and sell used Maiora Yachts for sale.
Buying Your Next Maiora Yacht: Dean Anthony offers you the entire Maiora Yachts MLS results, including listings of other yacht brokers, even Maiora Yachts located worldwide. You will find used Maiora yachts for sale.
Selling Your Current Maiora Yacht: Dean Anthony would love to help you sell your Maiora Yacht! With a team of several licensed yacht brokers worldwide, Dean Anthony is ready to provide your Maiora Yacht with true national exposure. Dean Anthony’s comprehensive Maiora Yachts email and web marketing programs will provide your Maiora Yacht with global exposure in Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Australia.

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