Feadship yachts for sale

Feadship yachts for sale

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Established: 1949
Located: Haarlem, Netherlands
Construction: Steel and Aluminum
Category: Luxury Yacht, Superyachts, Mega Yachts
Worth Noting: Feadship’s Fort Lauderdale office is the global centre for Feadship Yacht Division.
Feadship Yachts was founded by two Dutch families, De Vries and Royal Van Lent, both with deep roots in the European yachting community, tracing back to the 19th Century.

After World War II the market for the previously successful yachting industry was left in ruins. There remained very little money or inclination in Europe for ordering private luxury yachts.

In 1949 a historic meeting took place in Amsterdam at a local cafe that changed the face of yachting forever. It was attended by various representatives from the Dutch yachting industry, including Cees van Lent and Hendrik and Johannes de Vries.

On the agenda is Europe’s ravaged post-war industrial landscape and its effect on the once thriving Dutch yacht-building sector. Although crucially involved in the war, the United States had not been the battlefield, and its industry and economy had been strengthened by the conflict.
Seeing an opportunity, the Dutch yards decide to set up Feadship, the First Export Association of Dutch Shipbuilders (FEADSHIP). The goal from the beginning was to “promote the export of luxury craft to the United States of America.”

A second formal meeting welcomed a new member: naval architect Henri de Voogt agreed to become the lead designer of future Feadship yachts.
The New York Boat Show of 1951, for which several Feadship yachts were shipped, proved to be a breakthrough for the Dutch yachting community. American yachtsmen were amazed at Feadship’s use of steel, an almost unheard of phenomena at this time in the U.S., as most American yards were still building wood yachts, including Broward Marine, Burger Yachts, and Trumpy Yachts.

Orders began to flow for yachts in steel and aluminum, and by the mid-1950’s, Feadship was a leading yacht-building firm for the growing American market. The 1960’s represented steady growth for Feadship Yachts, both in the organization’s reputation, and the size of the yachts it built.
As the American economy boomed, Henry Ford and Malcolm Forbes, were a few a host of famous American yachting leaders to take advantage of Feadship’s unique offer: to design and build a completely custom-built yacht, one with proven performance to match.

With over 250 Feadship megayachts gracing the world’s oceans today, a commitment to supplying total reliability has clearly paid off. On average Feadship produces 5 megayachts a year, and is acknowledged as the global leader in the construction of premium quality displacement yachts.
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